WSCM2020, July 11-18 2020, Auckland New Zealand

Endrik Üksvärav


Country: Estonia

August 2020 marks 29 years since Estonia declared its re-independence and freed itself from the Soviet occupation. Music has played very important role in Estonian’s lives during both the Soviet occupation and sine the declaration of independence.

Estonian contemporary music is flourishing with composers whose work has been born during the country’s time of Independence. This presentation will explore Estonian choral music composed in the last 29 years with an overview of Estonian choral singing traditions.

Endrik Üksvärav graduated from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre as a conductor (BA) in 2004. He also studied trumpet and French horn. In 2011 he received his Masters degree in conducting.

In October 2010 Endrik founded the Collegium Musicale Chamber Choir, in 2011 the choir went on to win “Choir of the year” in Estonia and Üksvärav received “Young conductor of the year”.

Endrik has studied conducting with Neeme Järvi, Paavo Järvi, Jorma Panula and Eri Klas, and began studying Early Music Singing at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague in 2012. Since 2012 he has undertaken singing projects both in Estonia and in the Netherlands, working alongside conductors such Franz Brüggen, Daniel Reuss, Tõnu Kaljuste, Jos van Veldhoven, Peter Dijkstra, Peter van Heyghen, Hidemi Suzuki, Tan Dun and Simon Carrington jt.

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