WSCM2020, July 11-18 2020, Auckland New Zealand

Why You Should Attend

Many of us work very hard in our local setting, emptying the reservoir of our time and skills but not always being refilled. A Symposium feeds you. You get to hear around 24 of the world’s finest choirs and over 30 distinguished choral practitioners in an eight-day ‘feast’ of concerts, seminars, masterclasses, workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions. Surrounded by all that musical splendour and choral wisdom, you realise you don’t work in isolation but are part of an exciting global movement. You learn what’s ‘trending’ and return home full of inspiration and new ideas.

And why not do all this in a place that’s itself inspiring? We’re biased of course, but New Zealand’s reputation as a clean, green, safe and friendly paradise is fully deserved. It’s also, as you might have noticed from a few hobbit movies, breathtakingly beautiful. In case you’ve always wanted a chance to come to ‘Godzone’, as we modestly call it, WSCM2020 provides you with the perfect excuse!

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