WSCM2020, July 11-18 2020, Auckland New Zealand

Application for presenters

Should you apply?

Applications are open to anyone. If you have something you would like to share with the choral world as a presenter, lecturer or workshop leader, WSCM2020 would like to hear from you. While your proposal would ideally touch upon the Symposium theme in some way, the theme is only intended as a guide and would-be presenters need not be bound by it.

Our theme

The theme of WSCM2020 – ‘People and the Land’ – derives from the expression tangata whenua (literally “people of the land”), a name the indigenous Māori of New Zealand use of themselves and a concept that sits at the heart of NZ culture in general. We want to explore at the Symposium the relationship humans have with the land that supports them: the sense of identity they derive from it and the tensions that perhaps arise out of it. Here is the full theme description, including a by-no-means-exhaustive list of ways in which it might be taken.

Making an application

In the online form, you will be asked to:

  1. provide your name and contact details
  2. supply, in one or two sentences, a thumbnail description of your proposed lecture, seminar, demonstration, workshop, or other form of presentation
  3. upload the following documents or files:
  • a short biography (Word or PDF) of yourself
  • a high quality recent digital photograph of yourself
  • a written proposal (of no more than two pages in length), containing the session topic and a detailed description of your presentation. You will be asked to indicate any special equipment needs you may have, and whether you are intending to incorporate live performers into your session. Note that seminar sessions are expected to be around 75 minutes in length. (Word or PDF)


1. Use of written material

A written outline with a bibliography and discography (where appropriate) is required for each seminar. This material will help the participants attending your presentation, especially when time is short to present a large quantity of information. It also serves as a guide for presenters whose spoken English is not very clear. If English is not the fluent language of the presenter, WSCM2020 will attempt to supply a translator.

2. Incorporating live performers

It is important to schedule the moments at which a choir or instrumentalists participate in your session. Performers should not be inactive for long periods of time and ideally their appearances should be brief and to the point. If you intend to use soloists, you may consider asking them to share their perspectives as part of the presentation.

3. Incorporating recorded material

Be sure that you have carefully prepared the material in the order it is to be played, with a written play list to aid the technical assistant. You will need to confirm your equipment needs with WSCM2020 by no later than 1 April 2020. You should name the performing groups on any recorded excerpt. A written discography giving the source of all recorded material used in the seminar, as well as other material recommended for future research, is required.

4. Incorporating printed music

You should decide whether you will need actual scores for your presentation or simply use excerpts. Excerpts of the music may be given to the audience as handouts, provided the proper copyright permission has been secured from the publisher in advance.

5. Participation of the audience

You are encouraged to find opportunities for audience participation in your presentation. You might, for example, prepare short extracts for them to sing or include a few questions for brief discussion.


Each person invited to present at WSCM2020 will receive a half-week registration, local transportation within Auckland and four nights’ accommodation and meals (or a maximum daily meal allowance – to be determined). Each presenter is responsible for obtaining permission from the appropriate publishers to duplicate materials they plan to present.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE at midnight (GMT) on 31 October 2018.

Invitations to present at WSCM2020 will be sent out later in 2018.

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