12th World Symposium on Choral Music

Celebrating NZ Music

May 2019

Every year in May music-lovers across Aotearoa celebrate NZ Music Monthrecognising music from New Zealand and the people who make it. And so to wrap up May here at WSCM2020 HQ, we thought it only fitting to highlight the breadth and depth of NZ choral music...
SOUNZ, the national Centre for New Zealand Music, maintains and develops a diverse library of quality New Zealand resources and has a plethora of NZ music on offer. Take a moment (or grab a hot drink and take a whole afternoon!) to browse the catalogue. In the choral music genre alone, there are over 2,500 works dating from 1906 to today. Check out the SOUNZ NZ Choral Works catalogue.

A good place to start for a taster when diving into the NZ choral music world is the 1998 CD of New Zealand Choral Music containing choral works by some of New Zealand’s most influential composers including Jack Body, David Farqhuar, and Gillian Whitehead.
Sample the music here.

Other significant NZ choral composers you might like to check out include our premier composer, David Hamilton, and more recent top choral writers like Leonie Holmes, Chris Marshall and Chris Artley.


We’ve partnered with SOUNZ to giveaway a CD of Anthony Ritchie: Survivors with moving a cappella settings of contemporary poems. The album features music composed by Anthony Ritchie and performed by the superb Aquarius Choir of Belgium under their musical director Marc Michael de Smet. The recordings were made in a beautiful church in rural Belgium by this top a cappella choir.

To go in the draw to win simply email your details to info@wscm2020.com by Friday 28 June 2019.

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