WSCM2020, July 11-18 2020, Auckland New Zealand


Thus far, over forty top international presenters have been chosen, from an unprecedented number of applications, to give seminars, workshops, masterclasses and demonstrations at WSCM2020. Over the next few months more presenters and topics, especially from the Asia-Pacific region, will be announced.

The Symposium’s theme has inspired a range of exciting presentations on such topics as indigenous music and ‘ownership’, diversity and social empowerment, alongside the cornerstone subjects of conducting and vocal technique, articulation, rhythm, intonation, genre exploration, repertoire, movement and programming.

Alison Allerton with Trey Davis (USA)

Sacred Harp Music

Jeffrey Ames (USA)

Two African American Genres: Spiritual and Concert Gospel

Lucia Bérešová (Spain)

The Problematics of Senior Choirs

Yuval Benozer (Israel)

From Remote Land to the Holy Land

Geoffrey Boers (USA)

Old Wine in New Skins: Re-contextualizing the Choral Canon

Elise Bradley (Canada)

Decolonising Choral Performance

David Childs with Tracey Gregg-Boothby (USA)

Earth and Sky, Body and Spirit: Indigenous Music of North America

Nicholas Cleobury (UK)

New Choral Music – The Composer's Palette

Lori-Anne Dolloff (Canada)

Respectful Collaboration with Indigenous Artists

Burak Onur Erdem (Turkey)

Microtonal Consensus

Margarete Ertl (Germany)

Neuroscience and Choral Music

Miguel Ángel Felipe with Nicky Manlove (USA)

(Re)sounding Occupation

Sylvain Kwami Gameti (Togo)

The Talking Drum

Cristian Grases (Venezuela)

Latin American Rhythms

Jeremy Haneman (UK)

Singing Our Lives – A Haven for Migrants and Refugees

Frank Havrøy (Norway)

The Nordic Voices Spectrum

Anna-Maria Hefele (Germany)

Overtone Singing

Jamie Hillman with André de Quadros (USA)

Choral Singing in Prisons

Rachel Inselman with Richard Robbins (USA)

Welcoming Transgender and Non-Binary Singers

Anne Kohler (Germany)

"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing"

Michael McGlynn (Ireland)

A New Choral Voice for Ireland

Andrew Minear (USA)

Choral Programming Trends in the USA

Christina Murray with Sarain Fox (Canada)

The Making of "Fatty Legs"

Michael Ostrzyga (Germany)

"The Poetry of Earth"

Wolfgang Saus (Germany)

Choral Phonetics

Jan Schumacher (Germany)

Conducting – A Universal Language?

Elizabeth Scott (Australia)

The Curse of the Piano

Ethan Sperry (USA)

Choral Music from India

Paul Stanhope (Australia)

"Jandamarra – Sing for the Country"

Joan Szymko (USA)

The Greening Power of Song

Cara Tasher with Andrea Venet (USA)

Drumming in Song (Percussion for Conductors)

Barkev Taslakian (Lebanon)

Helping Disadvantaged Youth through Choral Singing

Will Todd (UK)

Choral Improvisation and Jazz

Endrik Uksvarav (Estonia)

Sounds of Independence

Jean-Sébastien Vallée (Canada)

The Heartbeat of our Songs

Panda van Proosdij (Netherlands)

From Voice and Physique to 'Choireography'

Astrid Vang-Pedersen (Denmark)

Concert Design

Timothy Wayne-Wright (UK)

Performing Unconducted

Lyn Williams (Australia)

Songs of the Land and Sea

Robert Wiremu (Aotearoa)

Na te waha ki te waharoaThe relationship between voice and place

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